Today is another chance to get it right!

i dont wanna just be the girl everyone walks past... i want to be the one they double-take at.

Ask me Stuff! :)

always here and up for a chat, i've been to hell and back and i can understand more than people think, anon or not i dont mind but if you need to talk to someone im always here and im a good listener too even if you dont want any advice :)
chat with me

also, if you want someone to keep you accountable im here, i can text anyone in australia so if you need someone to be able to talk to or just for check ups and stuff im here :)
numberrr (:

UGW: 42kg
CW: 58kg

Goal 1: 52kg
Goal 2: 50kg
Goal 3: 48kg
Goal 4: 45kg
Ultimate: 42kg

Note: none of the photo's i post or reblog are mine unless stated otherwise!

22nd December 2011

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